Female Pickup Artists, The “Girl Game” Version of Seduction, and Female Bullies

by Harmony's Riddle

Context: a newbie female pickup artist for some reason posted a “field report” of her experiences to seddit.

Many guys expressed confusion about where women learn seduction-related tactics and techniques. This was my response.

And to all the guys wondering about “female seduction material”, this is a great example of how modern society has brainwashed practically every man into near-complete perceptual blindness.

Guys — look around you. The magazines at the grocery store checkout counter (Cosmo, etc.), romantic comedies, television shows, every billboard on the freeway that features a man and a woman… these are all the cues that a woman needs in order to “have game” when manipulating men into wanting sex (or long-term relationships, marriage and even children). How do you think that women learn how important putting a mask on (layers of makeup) and heels are in everyday life? It’s all part of the game.

A secondary source of women’s social programming is romance novels. What’s the percentage of all books sold in the United States? Almost half are romance novels. Who do you think is buying those books? Those are women’s dirty little secret dreams written down in paperback (and increasingly digital) form. Those dreams are only “dirty” or “secret” because they contradict what a woman will ever tell you to your face, like the unusually high prevalence of non-consensual sex or rape fantasies that the average woman has, and that you’ll find in abundance in romance novels. Not exactly the typical pseudo-feminist line that you’ll hear the typical woman parroting when she’s trying to get you to act like a “gentleman” by paying for her meal on the first date…

The vast majority of what is called modern-day “seduction” or “game” is little more than a reverse-engineered version of what women are already doing to men.

Women give men backhanded compliments to test him and force him to further qualify himself — these are now called “negs”.

Women are “peacocking” constantly — why do you think women hide their looks by wearing layers of make-up? Why does the average woman accentuate their breasts, hips and bums by wearing high heels that destroy their natural posture and deform their feet?

Women try to shame men — the more publicly, the better — for doing anything that resembles the techniques that women have already perfected and are using all the time (you’re automatically a “loser”, “misogynist”, “sociopath”, etc.). They use shame because it works. How do they know that it works? Women know that it works because they’re already using it to create alliances, strengthen bonds, alienate and ostracize _each other_. In PUA lingo, this is an aspect of what’s called “social circle game”.

Women are consummately skilled in emotional manipulation, mostly because they grow up doing it to each other. If you can’t use your fists, you will use your mind. Girls psychologically bully each other more than boys; anyone who has ever watched the games that girls play against each other in high school knows this already. If you haven’t been to high school, just look at the way that anonymous women savage female celebrities online (for being “fat”, “ugly”, “slut”, etc.), where the filters of social conduct are largely absent. It’s a simple conceptual jump (barely a hop, really) to use such tactics against boys and men as we age. A main reason why guys need to learn seduction at all is because women are already using it against us.

This is “girl game”.

If you believe the standard line that she wears makeup, heels and plays emotional games because it “makes her feel good”, you’re proving my point. She’s simply lying, and you’ve been so well-conditioned over the years that it becomes impossible to see beyond the charade. Likewise, any woman who accuses men of playing “games” is also lying — in this case, playing the victim is just another strategy to force guys into the “supplicant/Nice Guy” role if he’s too clueless to see what’s actually happening.

What you also don’t see is the conformity-based mentality that women use on each other to enforce the social norms regarding “how to get a guy”. Women regularly categorize themselves and each other based on what “type” of guy they can attract. Her social status in her peer group depends on it; this is why most of the “game” that guys talk about on /r/seduction works at all. These are all direct or indirect ways of communicating high status to women, regardless of your actual personality.

Women are sexually stereotyping you all the time. How do women learn “girl game”? Fashion, media and their peers are constantly re-indoctrinating them as to how an “Alpha” male looks, speaks, moves and acts. The female “winner” is the one who can wrap that guy around her finger and get him to do whatever she wants.

Women don’t need “game”. Every woman is a player by default.

(Note that it’s not a misogynistic “us guys against those women” perspective. Everyone uses “manipulation” to get what they want. The problem arises when people — women in this case — lie about their motives, or try to pretend that they are passive “victim”/recipients of someone else’s advances. To test this for yourself, ask any woman you know “who actually starts the sexual attraction between a man and a woman?” or “who is the one who accepts or rejects the other?” Practically every woman who answers honestly will tell you that she perceives herself as being in control at all times.)

P.S. How ironic. About an hour after writing this, a female troll (most likely drawn here by this topic) tried to shame me for being on /r/seduction, even though female trolls have absolutely no excuse for being here at all. Click here to read our exchange.