The Hidden, Unglamorous and Crucial Truth About Seduction That Everyone Wants Desperately to Ignore

by Harmony's Riddle

There’s only one real “wisdom” about any kind of “game” — inner or outer. Regardless, someone will probably find a way to trademark and market “lateral” game, “inside-out” game, “fuzzy” game, or maybe even “quantum nonlocal effect-her-at-a-distance” game (wait, isn’t that what Ross Jeffries is doing nowadays? But he aptly calls it “magick” — note the authentically witch-y spelling). Note that “magic game” (as in, David Copperfield) has already been taken by the tall Goth-looking club kid with the fuzzy hat, but feel free to “recycle” it and claim that the insights are new like everyone else does. Evolutionary pseudoscience and fake philosophical self-help have been done to death; maybe pretend-physics is the “next frontier” of breakthrough pickup knowledge that will revolutionize everyone’s ideas about women.

After all, women are evolving extremely quickly nowadays — not at all like the rest of us, who have been more or less the same as a species for about, let’s say, 50,000 years. We need to evolve with these women or they won’t need us anymore. And then all we’d have to do with our time would be to walk around “limp-dicked” (I quote someone here) and emo, “pumping our state” by bitching on the Internet about how masculine and “Alpha” we need to be in order to take the world back from all of those damn blue-pill swallowing skirts and their billions of mindless minions (the “unthinking masses” whose lives are a “waking trance” and whose first name all happen to be “Chode” for some bizarre reason).

Tyler isn’t “for real”. He’s some random guy who dates women for a living and brags about being a hypercompetitive workaholic, periodically whining about how Neil Strauss’ exposure of him in “The Game” forced him to learn inner fortitude to overcome all the haters (“I was afraid of getting hit in the head while walking down the street for _six straight months_ after The Game was published,” mopes Tyler in his most sociopathically sympathetic little-girl voice). I don’t hate Tyler, by the way. The problem is that his name is unavoidable in discussions about seduction, and people automatically believe the nonsense that he and the RSD marketing crew say about themselves. For every TofuTofu who says that Tyler is legit, there are others who’ve seen him crash and burn, or pull 7s and “magically” upgrade them to 10s when he brags about them in his seminars. (The 1-to-10 rating system itself is imbecilic; we know that already]. For every one part of Tyler’s “realness” that is legit, there are two parts that are unsubstantiable self-mythologizing hype. Most desperate guys looking for help are so gullible and thirsty for a holy water-selling messiah that they don’t want to see the difference.

And the less said about Jeffy, the better at this point. He obviously needs help (in fact, his persona is largely based on his mental problems). I would imagine that many guys who idolize him see a reflection of their own unmet needs as well. Clinging to fantasies of running from woman to woman in order to solve your deeper, non-woman-related problems is bad enough. Climbing into a groupthink filter bubble and living there, slathering fresh coats of paint on the “rape van” and using a decent vocabulary to pander for props as Jeffy does every week in his free videos is just sad.

It is amazing that there are thousands of young guys who look up to the RSD Marketing Crew as a team of saviors rather than a just another group of “chode crystal” dudes who obsess about game. Tyler is nothing more than yet another random fast-talking “reformed AFC” with Youtube-driven delusions about being a self-help icon. His life is completely dominated by meaningless sex with mostly average-looking women and pretending that he is a master businessman when his only real strategy is to undercut everyone else (a bad idea over the long term). He has no other readily apparent skills in life (aside from bragging about his undergraduate philosophy degree, which incidentally has nothing to do with picking up women aside from sounding impressive to guys who want a meaningless “credential” to lean on when choosing a guru).

If you give away valuable information, it becomes worth zero in a market economy (an exception to this may be open-source software, and even then only up to a point). We see this in the free RSD videos that rack up thousands of hits and are basically an alternative form of entertainment for guys who are too scared to take any real action, and don’t realize how much of their lives they’re wasting forming man-crushes on Tyler, Jeffy and the others who have nothing new to say — yet are compelled by their boneheaded business model to say it over and over until their followers become an indoctrinated herd of mind-numbed worshippers.

There is no such thing as “for real”. If there was, seduction really would be a science like physics or social psychology and all the abstract theorizing would be linked to “real” results (or at least a unified discipline that wasn’t dominated by charismatic sociopaths and emotionally damaged rape van drivers).

There’s only one real “wisdom” about any kind of “game”. This is the wisdom that would put all of the “gurus” out of business if their work is based on some kind of magic bullet “technique” or some bogus notion of “pickup-as-a-lifestyle” — or the deification of a specific person being “for real”, as if he has special pickup artist supernatural powers.

The most useful information that exists on seddit or anywhere on Earth is this — and I’m going to give it to you for free because you know it already.

The only real wisdom about seduction is this: it’s all a numbers game. The more you do it, the better you get. Pick any of the popular methods and stick with it for a few years. No matter what you call it, it’s all the same game — also known in the real, non-seduction world as learning. Learning is hard, which is why most people would rather sit on their favorite Youtube channel and become someone else’s cheerleader in the comments section, rather than getting up and making something happen over the course of years. This is part of the hidden cost of “free”. No sacrifice, no motivation. Of course there are exceptions, but the RSD strategy is ultimately more destructive than anything a “bra-burning radical feminist” or “blue-pill chode” could ever propone.

In a way, Tyler lives up to his namesake character in Fight Club (which itself is sort of hilarious); he subverts the accepted social narrative in order to glorify and glamorize himself. In the reality of his actions, he is the polar opposite of the “real” Tyler Durden in that his whole life is based on supplicating to women (i.e. obsessing over pickup) in order to “score” meaningless sex, “bang more 10s” and make himself rich at the expense of his equally-competent competitors and dotingly faithful customers. Is that the best that a highly intelligent, driven guy like him can do with his life? Really? I have a feeling that Jeff is another brilliantly intelligent person whose life was completely diverted by the better-dead-and-gone ghosts of his past.

The saddest part is that either of them could have done anything with the past ten years of their lives and been successful. Instead of pouring their efforts into something truly valuable, they chose to swindle thousands of vulnerable guys out of their time, and quite often, their scarce financial resources as well. And the entire field of seduction suffers because they are forced onto the same treadmill of giving information away for free and becoming a sideshow for a subculture of guys who definitely don’t need yet another form of passive entertainment. Blaming the game isn’t the answer when the players are the ones making up the rules, and those rules include pulling the wool over the spectators’ eyes — and when the game itself is one where there should be no “spectators” in the first place.

But that’s too real. It’s a truth that no one would want to buy, and few would even watch for free. Might as well set up shop as a Youtube superstar, give the trusty old van a new paint job and set about “making the myths” at your local karaoke dive bar. There’s a sucker (I mean, customer) born every minute, so there’s no time to waste. Maybe that’s the real message underlying the game. Are you ready to be “whisked away” to a wonderland of con-artist pickup-and-seduction superheroes? Are you prepared to fully “buy-in” and start “hitting it hard” in hopes of one day attaining the magical powers? If so, recognize that you just might get what you pay for — but it might not be what’s advertised on the endless weekly infomercial series. In the real world, that’s called a “bait-and-switch”; in the bubble world of the RSD Marketing Crew, it’s called business as usual. And yes I know, you knew that already, too. Maybe it’s time to start listening more to yourself, and donating a little bit less of your time, energy and money to the gurus. Don’t worry; they won’t starve. They’ve already fattened their wallets enough off of your generosity.